Friday, December 20, 2013

Eulogy of A Blackberry

100 texts at once, to the frisbee peeps, that was your claim to fame.  And always i stood by your side when others called you lame.

Your keyboard rocked, for i could type without looking at the screen
and your games were classic, word mole soduku, they always made me beam.

I solute you for you tenacity, steadfastness, and your never ending  class
but now i bid thee fond fairwell, the time has come at last

What's that you say? what will i do? without you by my side?
Fear not old friend, i'll be ok.  I'll take it all in stride

New friend?  How dare you say i've left you for another.
What kind of shady miscreant would do that to his brother.

Well i've got to go, you know how it is, time flys by oh so fast
and No, there's nothing here behind me, in hands clasp

what was your name, i tend to forget, ol chap i used to know
well peace and joy and all that junk, i'fe really got to go

the precious is here, in my firm grasp, why must you stay and hover
brushed alluminum, and solid screen, i think i'll call him brother.

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