Monday, August 31, 2015

Weekend Escape

Come friend. Follow me down the interstate as it switches from eight lanes to four; then onto the highway where goes from 4 to 2. As the lanes melt away feel your shoulders relax, your brow lighten. Come up the mountain side as you lose lane markings and pavement, see the gravel. then the dirt. Trade your lawnmower for four wheeler, Your shaving blade for a pocket knife. Billboards have been replaced with Deer crossing signs.
It is good here. Soon enough you'll be back in the valley. Soon enough you feet will miss the living sod. Soon enough your log by the fireside will  be an ergonomically correct office chair. Soon enough instead of counting stars you'll be counting calories
Free your soul in the land made by Providence for soon enough you will battle again in the jungle of Man.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


He felt himself a man, but merely a boy, if that.  
He strutted and preened on the open flat.  
The bear approached. He thought, i'm bigger than him,
the bear thought but little and made him his din