Friday, November 16, 2012

In Memoriam

I think of the freshly born child, new to this world. Eyes bright, arms stretching out. He needs me. He needs my protection. He needs me to teach him. To look out for him. His little body, breathing, his cries pleading.

Pleading with me. Pleading that I will do all i can to make the world the best i can. To help him have all the benefits i had, and then some. It is my responsibility to make sure he has the joys of childhood, to explore a forest, to swing on the swings near the park, to feed the ducklings.

To grow, to experience the fear and rapture of a first love. He will have a whole world to explore and live. To have a job, and someday have his own son, who he will teach, and the circle will go on, and on, and on, long after my bones have decayed, and flesh worms eat my carcass.

Then I come back to the present, see the child in my arms--he's sleeping now--unaware that I have failed him.

For his world will not be as rich, or as full as mine. And as i have failed him, so have we all failed those who come after us.

I weep, first a single tear, but then a deluge,

for my child will never experience the Twinkie dog. and for that, he will blame me