Thursday, December 10, 2009

Last stab at poetry. It may not be good, but I think its an improvement.

Tis the night be for the final
Poetry is coming due
And I sit her writing, rhyming—chatting with my roommate too.
“Poetry?” he says, “You’re gay man. Do you do ballet as well?”
Smack! My fist conveys my answer as I ring his dull thick bell.

Nonet form 1
Sitting Surrounded by cold blue steel
Pent up power ready to kill
Speeding, Spinning through the path
To be delivered
With sudden flash
Sound comes late
Deed’s done
Good? Bad?
Too late now
Final judge waits
For his speeding soul
Memorie’s ghost will haunt
The foreign lad who shot him
To save his Mother and Kinsmen
A thousand miles removed from reflex.

Haiku form 2
National Forest in Utah, Early December
Midnight finds warm pools
Lights and screams disrupt solace
Nude or Lewd? Unknown

When do we yield?
Pressure from
Do these allow us to run past old fences?
Justification, can it be had, should it be had?
Is if found
In the mind,
In consensus
By compulsion
Does it matter. Who make laws?
The mind hurts, the answers are not found.
But the questions abound.

Pizza revisited
Is this the last slice?
Oh the humanity.
Why did I share my
stash with my family.
Now it is gone, The game has not begun
I’m just a poor boy, I have no more money
So shall I watch the game with no food,
I’ll ask for more, Is that rude?
My mother loves my, she’ll by some more for me?
For me.

Momma, the foods all gone
My friends are on the line
Plans changing not to mine
Momma, the game has just begun
And now my parties done before it began
Momma, oo-oo-o-, I don’t want to cry,
But it that makes you get me some I will,
Please I’ll be really good,
Cause pizza’s all that matters

I see the pizza guy, he’s driving down the road,
Over here! Over here! Did you bring the cheesy bread sticks?
He just keeps on driving, very very frightening me.
Momma why, momma why
Why oh why didn’t you call it in.
My friends will go-o-o-o.

They all have gone, I’m out of the group for the rest of the year
Now she comes with a pie, get out of here I don’t want to hear.
Wait, Suzies her? Well send her on down, we’ll watch Glee,
Just her and me.

Cinquain Form 3
Strong Matriarch
Sitting, Hugging, Loving
Miss you, so much
Kyrille Form 4
Meek and lowly, the King of kings
Pain feeds on who your praise sing
Dost thou care when your children fall?
Oh Myst’ry King who cares for all?

My soul was saved, but still felt lost,
Wand’ring, wondering the true cost
Of following who came to Paul
Oh Glorious King, who cares for all?

My soul is light, my mind is free
Others must know, Oh Lord, of Thee
Whose trails threaten them to fall
Oh Glorious King Who Cares for all.

Heavy Burdens lift, mountains move
Still your loyal people must prove
To follow your every call
Oh Glorious King who cares for all.

I t I s
Magnets, or blessed unseen power,
Become my force and see others cower
V e r y h a r d
Still lake of morning
Skier cuts across you glass
Boat breaks he is stuck
T o p a y
Processes strive to steal the soul
Of the workers stuck below
The surface of the earth
The work and toil but just for spite,
Their mind dampens and loses sight
Of their great worth